Our flamenco dance show

Flamenco dance show

Seville has a good number of places where you can enjoy a flamenco show that will allow the visitor to discover the singing and dancing of the south.

Flamenco is distinctive of our land and our universal passport: in 2010 it was recognized as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.

Flamenco is a living, traditional and innovative art, select and popular. And what a better place to get to know and enjoy it than in Seville and its neighborhood of Triana?

Whether you want to attend a tablao, where you can sit and enjoy flamenco while having a drink or tapas, or if you want to join a spontaneous party of Sevillians gathered in a flamenco-style bar, I can show you the place more fits your preferences.

In the case of attending a tablao it is always advisable to book in advance. The show is guaranteed.

If, on the other hand, you prefer an immersion in the most authentic Sevillian night, I can indicate the bars frequented by the natives who love dancing. It is not always easy to find a place, but if you succeed, fun is guaranteed. All the premises open at night, except some tablaos that also have performances at 19 / 20 hours.

Do not miss a unique experience of the Sevillian night!

Flamenco dancing in Seville




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