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    The Giralda and Cathedral

    Visit the largest Gothic temple of Christianity and climb to its famous tower to discover the best panorama of the city.

    The Alcazar of Seville

    Dazzling royal palace of Islamic origin embellished by all the kings who stayed in it, therefore it is an unforgettable visit.

    Spain Square

    A place that surprises the visitor for its spectacular and colorful, built by Aníbal González for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929

    The Cartuja of Seville

    Its past as a Carthusian monastery and its subsequent transformation into an English ceramic factory today allows adaptation to avant-garde cultural uses.

    Church of San Luis

    An exceptional and exuberant Baroque in a building without peer in Seville. Architecture, sculpture and painting united to thrill.

    Church of the Savior

    Built on a mosque that still looks out on its patio, El Salvador is the result of the period of greatest splendor of baroque Seville.

    Hospital of Charity

    Magnificent building built for the exercise of charity in the bombastic and ruthless Seville of the Baroque period.

    Hospital de los Venerables

    Built in the seventeenth century, it is located in the center of the Santa Cruz neighborhood; the splendid Sevillian house also houses a small pinacoteca of great quality.

    House of Pilatos

    Renaissance palace of singular beauty where the Italian innovations with the local Mudejar tradition are integrated masterfully.

    Palace of the Dueñas

    The building is built around a large double-story patio in Mudejar and Renaissance style, one of the largest and most beautiful examples of Seville.

    Castle of St. George

    or of the Inquisition. Of Almohad origin, it is known firstly for having been the headquaters of the dreaded institution for more than three centuries

    Santa Cruz neighborhood

    It is the best-known neighborhood of Seville, an old Jewish quarter and the scene of many legends. Its urbanism of Islamic roots, its narrow and winding streets, its secluded squares, its green courtyards …


    The “cathedral of bullfighting “, according to many fans. One of the most traditional and beautiful in Spain. The visit includes the arena and two museums dedicated to the world of bullfighting and to the collection of paintings and engravings held by the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla, owner of the enclosure.


    The Mudejar Seville

    A walk through the most representative of Mudejar architecture in Seville, from the first neighborhood churches to the civil architecture represented by the house-palace.

    Game of Thrones

    A gift for the fans of the award-winning television series. A tour of the real locations of Seville in which several episodes of the fifth and seventh seasons were recorded: the ruins of Itálica, the bullring of Osuna, and the Alcázar de Sevilla. A movie tour!


    A visit on foot for the most select of one of the most artistic towns of the Sevillian province. From the Puerta de Sevilla to the Alcázar Alto, we can enjoy the architecture of a white and stately town.



    Get to know the most unique and representative art of Andalusia, recognized by the Unesco as Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Well in “tablaos”, or in bars with a flamenco atmosphere, do not miss the opportunity to learn about our way of singing and dancing.

    Tapas in Seville

    Let yourself be guided by the restaurants and bars preferred by Sevillians for their “tapas”. Each establishment with its specialty, so you can choose among the most select.

    Holy Week

    Accompaniment and advice to get the most out of the Holy Week in Seville, one of the most beautiful and internationally known. Come to meet each brotherhood and learn to value the artistic and religious significance of Holy Week.

    Nieves, your official tour guide

    My name is Nieves and I am Sevillian. I like to guide tours of my city knowing that people from any part of the world have chosen it among so many destinations to visit it. I have focused my career and my training in the study and promotion of Seville …

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